Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg Among List of 30 Richest Internet Gurus of All Time

Amazon founder and chief executive officer, Jeff Bezos, once held a job flipping burgers at McDonald's. Today his net worth is estimated at $20.2 billion, making him the richest Internet entrepreneur in the entire world. He's far from the only one to have made billions on the Internet, however, as there are at least 30 people who leveraged the Web in some way, shape, or form to increase their net worth to 10 figures.

Larry Page, co-founder and current CEO of Google, is worth $17.5 billion and is the second richest Internet businessman in the world, according to a recently compiled list of the Web's wealthiest Web folks. Behind him is Sergey Brin ($17.4 billion), the other co-founder of Google and former classmate of Page's.

Where does Mark Zuckerberg sit among Internet entrepreneurs? He's in fourth place with a net worth of $14.2 billion, the amount his 28.4 percent stake in Facebook is worth. He also happens to be the second youngest billionaire in the U.S..

Some less familiar names (outside of geek circles) make up the list, such as Robin Li (No. 5, $10.2 billion), who's the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of China's Baidu search engine; Pierre Omidyar (No. 8, $6.7 billion), who created eBay; Xavier Niel (No. 12, $4.5 billion), founder of Lliad, the largest ISP in France; and Yuri Milner (No. 29, $1 billion), a Russian venture capitalist who had the foresight to invest in companies like Facebook and