Jays Releases Stylish a-JAYS FOUR Earbuds

Jays is a small headphone company compared to Sony and Shure, but they definitely have a thing for great design. The company has just revealed their latest earbuds, and they definitely look nothing like the pairs that are already out there. They're called the a-JAYS FOUR, and they're black in color. They seem rather simple at a glance, but we get the feeling that Jays was going for a minimalistic look with these. And they definitely achieved that.

You'll also spot the company's tangle-free cabling that has appeared on prior sets, and there's a remote embedded in the cabling to control your iPod or iPhone music. Also unlike many competitors, Jays includes five ear tip selections. Most just throw in small, medium and large, but having two more options makes it a safer bet that you'll find a good fit and seal with these.

The 3.5mm connector is L-shaped (great for portable music players), and there's also a MEMS microphone for handling voice calls. Jays will be selling these in America starting next month for $69.99.
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