JayBird's SB1 Bluetooth Headset Dares You To Run In The Rain

There's no doubt that the Bluetooth headset market is slowing down now that people realize that they just look goofy while talking to thin air and walking down the street, but that's not to say the market has dried up altogether. JayBird is a newer, lesser-known brand, but it's certainly well respected in inner circles of audiophiles. Just before CES kicks off, the company has launched a new product portal for the SB1 Sportsband, which is a new type of BT headset that somewhat mirrors the approach taken by Jabra on their Halo product.

These simply sit over one's head like a conventional pair of headphones, requiring no extra wires whatsoever. Jaybird swears up and down that there's plenty of bass to go around, and there's also a 4-way adjustable headband, a sleek design, support for handsfree/Skype calling and a lifetime warranty against damage from sweat. In other words, feel free to work out while strapping these on.

The internal battery is rated for 8 hours of music playback, 11 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby; a USB port is built in for charging purposes. Users can even sync this to their music player, PC or Mac, and given the headphone-like design, we suspect many will. There are integrated buttons for answering an incoming call, playing a track, pausing a track or advanced to a next/previous track. Best of all, the $89 price tag is far less than the Halo, and it's about the cheapest option out there for a device in this category.

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