Jawbone Works Up A Sweat With Next Generation Fitness Trackers, Mobile Payment Integration

Jawbone added two wristbands to its fitness lineup today. The UP2 is the Jawbone of the people at $99, while the UP4 has contactless payment support for American Express users.

Jawbone has two new fitness trackers. The UP2 is mid-range, while the UP4 will support American Express
Jawbone UP2

The UP2 replaces Jawbone’s UP24. And while it’s not the least-expensive tracker in Jawbone’s lineup, it has more features, like continuous updating and a vibration reminder feature. It’s also shower safe and supports the UP app’s Smart Coach, which uses the data collected by the UP2 to suggest behavior changes. For example, it might recommend that you get more sleep if it finds that you get more steps into a day after going to bed early. 

The UP4 has many of the same features of the UP2, but it adds tap-to-pay capabilities. If you take long runs without bringing cash, you see the appeal of having a way to pay for a bottle of water while you’re out. Once you’ve added your card info, you just tap the UP4 wristband to a tap-to-pay terminal at the register. However, the UP4 only works with American Express – if you use a different card, you’re out of luck. 

amex band images
Jawbone UP4

Both wristbands are stylish, but where the UP2 is a sleek, discreet black or green band, the UP4 has a more elaborate top that gives it a jewelry vibe. The UP2 is available today but Jawbone hasn’t announced a price for the UP4 yet. It expects to release the UP4 sometime this summer.