Japanese Scientist Able to Convert Sewage Into Meat

A lot of things are said to taste like chicken. Snake, for example, is often said to taste like chicken, although we can tell you from experience that its reptile cousin African crocodile does not taste like chicken, and is extremely tough and chewy. What, therefore, would human excrement taste like?

A Japanese scientist claims to be able to turn poop into a meat substitute. More precisely, he said he says he can turn sewage mud into a meat substitute.

Tokyo Sewage reportedly approached Ikeda to find a solution for a big problem: too much sewage mud. They wanted to know if anything useful could be manufactured from it. In and of itself, as a small island nation, Japan has a huge need to recycled. It's that mentality, drummed into its citizens since birth, that led to refugees from April's earthquake to recycle even while in shelters.

Now, it's led to the country attempting to find a way to re-use sewage mud.

Since Ikeda determined that the sewage mud was protein-rich, he decided to try to turn it into artificial meat. After processing, the meat is 63 percent proteins, 25 percent carbohydrates, 9 percent minerals, and 3 percent lipids.

Ikeda then added soy protein to give the meat flavor and added artificial coloring. According to Ikeda, people who sampled the meat said it tasted like beef.

To be honest, although the thought of it is probably disgusting to many, this sort of reprocessing of waste is the sort of thing that would have to happen on a moonbase, which has been tossed around as an idea by several countries. Japan would appear to have a leg up on other nations with this sort of development, as stomach turning as it might seem.
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