Japan Display Wizards Squeeze 8K Into 17-inch LCD To Crack 510 PPI

By any metric, 8K is an incredible resolution. In fact, given that most HD content is still published in 1080p, the same could be said about 4K. With that, "incredible" in relation to 8K could mean different things to different people. 4K packs in four times the pixels of 1080p, while 8K takes that and multiplies it by four once again. We're talking 33,177,600 pixels. For some more perspective, here's our handy comparison graphic:

1080p 4K 5K 8K Comparisons

Most current 1080p desktop monitors being sold today hover around the 22-inch form-factor, while 4K can be had in monitors 27-inch and above. So it stands to reason that an 8K computer monitor should scale upwards as well. Perhaps 40-inches? That could be ideal, but someone didn't tip Japan Display off, as it's decided to pack all 33 million pixels into a 17-inch display.

We've become accustomed to our smartphones having super-high ppi (pixels-per-inch); 5.5-inch 1080p phones are 401 ppi, which is well past the point that humans are able to differentiate individual pixels. Understanding that highlights just how impressive Japan Display's monitor is, as it clocks in at a staggering 510 ppi.

J Display 8K

Other specs include a 2000:1 contrast ratio, a brightness of 500cd/m2, and a 176 degree viewing angle. While the fact that the company has put an 8K resolution into such a small form-factor is impressive in itself, also impressive is the fact that it has a refresh rate of 120Hz. We're not even seeing 120Hz 4K monitors yet, and that's because no current video standard available to consumers can support it. How Japan Display powers this monitor, then, is up in the air. Hopefully someone who attends the CEATEC Japan conference this coming week and checks it out in person will spill those beans.