Jabra STONE Reshapes Bluetooth

Jabra has introduced a new Bluetooth headset, which is quite understandably called the STONE. The STONE looks very much like a smooth, polished rock, when the actual headset is plugged into the charger / carrying case, hence, we're sure, the name. 

It's difficult, at first, to conceptualize how the headset fits on a person, but once you see it on a model, it makes total sense. The STONE uses an over-the-ear design that  Whether or not it will be comfortable, that's a different question. 

Typical of more expensive headsets nowadays, the STONE has noise-cancelling technology; in this case, it is Jabra's Noise Blackout(TM) Extreme technology.  For those wondering how to control the device, there is a touch-controlled volume pad on the outside of the headset; to control volume, users simply slide their finger up or down while on a call.

Still confused (and you might be, based on the different style and shape of the STONE)?  Jabra has a dedicated site with a virtual tour of how to use the STONE.  A good move, because it's certainly a different form factor.  The Jabra STONE will be available for $129.99 exclusively at AT&T retail stores nationwide beginning November 8, 2009.  The STONE will launch on different dates in different countries; Jabra has a countdown timer for each country at the STONE site.

The proof will be in the performance of the headset, however. Problematically, one headset will work great with one phone and horribly with another. One headset will fit well on one person and be uncomfortable on another. For that, it's all up to personal preference.