Jabra CLIPPER Coming To Verizon Wireless

Announced last month at Mobile World Congress, the Jabra CLIPPER caught some people's attention with its built-in 3.5mm headphone jack that essentially brings the power of Bluetooth to any pair of 3.5mm headphones. That's right—with this device, you can listen to your music through your favorite set of headphones while still having the functions of a Bluetooth headset. Of course, the CLIPPER comes with its own set of noise-blocking ear buds as well.

As its name implies, the CLIPPER will clip to your clothes, bag, or belt. All of the controls are built in to the 0.7 ounce unit. The CLIPPER can connect to two devices at once, and calls will override a song so you won't miss an important phone call when you're listening to your favorite tunes.

At the time this headset was announced, there was no word on US availability. Now, we know the headset will head to Verizon Wireless stores in May. It will sell for $59.99.

Jabra CLIPPER Allows Users To 'Clip & Go,' Between Music & Calls

Available Exclusively at Verizon Wireless Retail and Online Stores in May

LAS VEGAS, March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Listening to music while seamlessly answering phone calls will become much easier with the Jabra CLIPPER, a new Bluetooth® stereo headset announced today at the 2010 International CTIA Wireless® show. Building on Jabra's already successful line of stereo headsets, the tiny clip-on device with noise-blocking ear buds combines style with minimalistic, easy-to-use controls, clipping on to bags, clothing, and belts while easily switching between music and calls. Developed by GN Netcom, a world leader in innovative headset solutions, the Jabra CLIPPER will be available exclusively at Verizon Wireless retail stores across the country and on VerizonWireless.com, in May.

With the Jabra CLIPPER, there is no need to change between an Mp3 player and a phone when a call comes in as both devices connect wirelessly, allowing users to switch between calls and music instantly. In addition, incoming calls will automatically override music played on a cell phone and, at the touch of one multi-function button, users can easily pause, skip tracks or alter the volume. You can also keep a phone and Mp3 player separately in a bag or pocket without breaking the connection.

"We have been thrilled with the success of the Jabra HALO and feel that the market is ready for the release of another Bluetooth stereo headset, especially as the popularity of portable music devices continues to grow," said Jonas Forsberg, General Manager North America, Mobile Division, GN Netcom, Inc. "Verizon Wireless was impressed with the CLIPPER since our initial discussions with them and felt strongly that launching it exclusively in North America would help achieve their goal of expanding stereo headset offerings for their customers."

Industry analysts expect global Bluetooth stereo headset revenues to grow at an above-average rate of 5% in 2010. The stereo headset and speakerphone categories are still emerging and offer the brightest prospects for Jabra's growth.

The Jabra CLIPPER is compatible with any device that features Bluetooth wireless technology and has the ability to connect to two different devices at the same time through Multiuse™ technology. Users will also be able to connect it to a PC to listen to music.

The headset provides complete flexibility with how users listen to music. Noise-blocking ear buds are included with the headset which eliminate any external sounds. The Jabra CLIPPER can also be used with any other 3.5mm headphones.

Key product specifications of the Jabra CLIPPER include:
  • Bluetooth 2.1 (Including EDR, A2DP and AVRCP)
  • Clip-on wearing style
  • Talk time = up to 6 hours
  • Standby time = up to 8 days
  • Dimensions = 4.8 cm (L) x 1.6.5 cm (W) x 2.55 cm(H)
  • Weight = .7 ounces
  • Noise-blocking ear buds, in different sizes
  • AC Charger
The Jabra CLIPPER offers a cutting-edge design at an affordable value, $59.99, and will be available in May. All Verizon Wireless retail stores across the country will carry the headset in-store and it will also be available online at VerizonWireless.com. In addition, the critically acclaimed Jabra HALO will soon be available at Verizon Wireless stores for a suggested retail price of $129.99.

For further information on Jabra, please visit www.jabra.com.