iTwin USB Wireless File Sharing Stick Goes On Sale

For whatever reason, file sharing is just difficult in many ways. Either your flash drive is too small, or your network is too slow. It just seems like there's no "good way" to reliability get files from one PC to another when you need them there the most. Many companies have created new and interesting solutions to an old problem, but we're still on the hunt for that perfect fix. The iTwin definitely has potential to be "the one."

The company's self-named product has been released this week in limited quantities, consisting of two identical parts that look just like a USB thumb drive. Each half of the iTwin is plugged into the USB ports of any two online computers a user wishes to share. With the launch, this marks the first time this unit has gone on sale in the U.S. but they're only available in limited quantities for the holidays.

The devices use 256-bit AES encryption to keep transfers secure, and only the two halves of iTwin know the key, and iTwin generates a new key every time the two halves are paired. If one half of the iTwin is lost, the connection between the two halves can be disabled, therefore denying access. As an additional layer of security, the iTwin can also be password protected. It remains to be seen if this file transfer device is on par with some others that have come out this year, but unlike rivals, it doesn't purport to offer media streaming. This one's for transfers only, not content.

Only 50 of the special edition MMX iTwins are available for purchase for $99 USD exclusively from the iTwin store at General availability will follow in January 2011 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.