iTunes Music Subscription Service Rumored For Release

Apple's clearly a big player in the music market. In fact, they sell more music in America than Walmart! It's pretty amazing how fast iTunes has become the go-to source for music, but it's clear that Apple has no intentions of slowing down. In an effort to battle the variety of ad-based free music streaming services (not to mention subscription services like Rhapsody and Zune Pass), reports are flying that say that Apple is considering a fee-based music service.

Right now, the only way to get music from Apple is to purchase either a song or an album via iTunes. There's no subscription, all-you-can-listen model available. Reuters is reporting that Apple is currently "in talks with major record labels to provide a subscription-based music service, allowing unlimited access to songs for a monthly fee," citing an article from the New York Post. "Unnamed sources" were to thank for the rumor, which said that iTunes head Eddy Cue recently talked with various labels on how they could set up such a program.

If implemented, the service could offer a range of pricing options from $10 to $15 per month, which could stipulate how much music could be downloaded or stored. Apple wouldn't comment on the report, but that's no surprise. It certainly makes sense for Apple to engage in something like this; there's really nothing to lose. Some people will continue to buy music, and others may prefer the rental option. We suspect it's probably the labels holding things up, if in fact talks are still ongoing.
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