It's Official: DIY Quad-SLI

Hello everyone. A little later today, NVIDIA will be releasing the Forceware v91.45 drivers and with them will be officially blessing Do-It-Yourself Quad-SLI. We've put together an article detailing the steps necessary to assemble and configure a high-end Quad-SLI rig, and give some thoughts regarding XHD gaming and the costs involved. Here's a snip from the article...

"Another major difference was that NVIDIA launched the GeForce 7950 GX2 at retail. On the day of launch, enthusiasts could finally buy dual-GPU powered GeForce 79050 GX2 video cards from their favorite e-tailers. But, at launch, NVIDIA wasn't quite ready to endorse Quad-SLI for the Do-It-Yourself market. Quad-SLI was only supported when purchased in a full system built by an approved partner. NVIDIA took this route to ensure Quad-SLI owners had a good experience and didn't have to contend with incompatibilities or other potential pitfalls."
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