It's Always About The Pr0n, Isn't It?

There's no better indication that Apple computers are gaining marketshare than the fact that malware, viruses, and scams are occasionally targeted towards them now.  Security firms are reporting that an old-fashioned rogue cleaning tool, called MacSweeper, is making the rounds now. It attempts to hoodwink you into buying their useless software; and as usual, it's all about the pr0n:

MacSweeper claims to clean evidence of surfing for porn and other potentially embarrassing material from Macs. The tool turns up items to be cleaned whether or not there's any offending material. Users are prompted to buy the package to clean their machines.

The web version of the package will suggest Windows PCs are subject to vulnerabilities in folders only associated with Macs, providing evidence that MacSweeper is a scam.

Well, at least it's not a keystroke logger. Remember, everybody, that if the pictures make you feel funny, the downloaded software probably will too. But not in a good way.