ITC Bans Select HTC Phones From Import Into The U.S.

Yikes! On a day already filled with wild mobile news (AT&T and T-Mobile breaking up, anyone?), here comes another bombshell. The International Trade Commission has just ruled in favor of Apple in a patent dispute with HTC. The result? A ban on select HTC phones imported in the U.S. The decision reportedly stated that "HTC violated two claims tied to Apple patents and that the ban will take effect next April. However, HTC will be allowed to import some products in order to fulfill repair claims on phones that have already been purchased, and can have the ban lifted if the company shows it has been able to work around the patents mentioned in the ITC ruling."

In other words, this isn't likely to leave a lasting mark on HTC, as the company will almost certainly bend to whatever rules they have to in order to make sure things return to normal. But more than that, this proves that Apple's claims against competitors aren't entirely baseless; or, at least, that the courts don't think so. So, Samsung and HTC have already had their wrists slapped; who is next?

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