Israel-Based StoreDot Start-Up Demos ‘Nanodot’ Battery Technology That Recharges Devices In Seconds

It feels as if we've been waiting for decades for battery technology to take its next quantum leap in terms of capacity and longevity. Sure, laptops these days last a little longer than they did ten years ago, but much of that is due to processors and the like consuming far less power now compared to yesteryear. But, if you can't create a slim battery that lasts a lot longer, perhaps you can just recharge it much more quickly. That seems to be the path of least resistance, as the likes of the Droid Turbo (which can regenerate multiple hours of life with just 15 minutes on a charger) have shown.


Now, that technology could be spreading its wings. An Israeli company dubbed StoreDot has reported conjured up a technology that can recharge a phone "in a few seconds," and an electric card "in minutes." Laptops aren't mentioned, but we're guessing they're somewhere in between. The company relies on nano-technology to "synthesize artificial molecules," effectively enabling batteries to store a far higher charge more quickly.

It's current prototype is far too large to slip into a phone's casing, but it's hoping to have commercial products ready for use by 2016. To date, it has collected a whopping $48 million in funding -- clearly, investors believe that there's some mainstream action here. If all goes well, a fast-charging phone with this tech inside would probably command between $100 and $150 over a standard phone, but in our minds, it's the items beyond the phone that matter -- things like laptops, lights, cars, and the rest.