Is XP Getting Another Six Month Extension?

Emblazon this with a big "rumor" label, but according to The Register, Microsoft may be caving into OEMs.  As we know, OEMs can offer users of certain versions of Windows Vista a downgrade to XP.  For some OEMs, this can mean they will actually downgrade the PC for you, prior to shipment.  For others, this means an XP install CD with your shipment.

According to The Register, while partners originally had up until January 31 2009 to provide the Windows XP Professional recovery media with machines running Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate, they now have until July 31, 2009.  However, this comes to them from an "unnamed reader."  In that case, this is even a less reliable source than the normal "sources close to the deal" or whatever.

Still, it wouldn't be a surprise if Microsoft did this.   Now, if Microsoft just went another six months, many could avoid Vista altogether (assuming Windows 7 ships on time at the end of 2009 or beginning of 2010).  What do you HH readers think?  Will Microsoft cave in to OEMs this far?  It should be noted that according to the "source,"
And, according to an email sent to the employees of one OEM, Microsoft’s hardware partners are working on the company to have the July deadline extended even further. The goal seems to be to help PC users who cannot move to Windows Vista move smoothly to the next version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system, Windows 7.
So, a total skip of Vista for corporations may in fact be in the cards, if this is reliable.
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