Is That a NAS System In Your Briefcase?

If you’re carrying NextComputing’s new D-NAS device, the answer to the above question is “Yes”. The device, designed for applications where massive computing power is required in the field, is based on NextComputing’s Radius EX portable workstation and adds another family member to the company’s D-NAS line.

This puppy supports up to 16 removable 1TB SATA or SAS drives, a number of RAID configurations, and 2+1 hot-swappable power and features an integrated LCD screen and Fibre Channel connectivity.

New D-NAS Model for Maximum Network Attached Storage Anywhere
New D-NAS Model for Maximum Network Attached Storage Anywhere

NextComputing’s D-NAS line of deployable network attached storage systems has been expanded with a new model based on our Radius EX portable workstation. This briefcase-sized system has up to 16 removable 1TB drives, multiple RAID configuration options, reliable 2+1 hot-swappable power, and an integrated LCD for on-location system administration.

Our D-NAS series of portable storage appliances offers high-capacity, high-speed, redundant storage with Fibre Channel and 10G network connectivity in compact, easily transportable configurations. Designed for data-intensive storage scenarios, D-NAS systems are used in mission-critical applications such as seismic data collection, geospatial imagery analysis, and network traffic recording, or any situation where typical portable computers, such as laptops, don't have the storage capacity you need.

The new D-NAS model gives you the same speed and storage of a larger, stationary system, but in a compact all-in-one package that's easy to move and deploy.

This new system features :

-Up to 16 hot-swappable SATA drives or high-speed SAS drives that can be quickly removed and replaced without tools
-RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5, 6 options for high-speed redundant storage
-2+1 hot-swappable 1300W, or 48V DC 1300W power supply configuration for continuous, reliable power