Is Number Portability Coming to Google Voice?

It was great when number portability came to cell phones. It was great when Google Voice (nee GrandCentral), promising one number to ring multiple phones emerged as a service. What if you could port your number to Google Voice, though?

That's what TechCrunch says is coming. While the fact that Google Voice is supposed to be a number you can keep forever, if you could port the cell phone number or some business number you have currently plastered all over your business cards to it, think of how much more useful it could be.

Besides that, it seems that Google is also preparing to launch new mobile applications that will automatically route outbound calls through Google Voice, which would mean that whoever you call will see your Google Voice number as the caller.

Of course, if this service comes to fruition, and your are under contract, in order to move your cell phone number to Google Voice, you'd have to pay through the nose to get out of your contract. To some, it would be worth it (not for me, though).

What about you readers? Would you opt out of your contract if you could port it to Google Voice?