Is Nikon Intentionally Killing the Camera Repair Business?

There's been some criticism over a letter Nikon started sending out recently to independent repair shops in the U.S. in which the camera maker announced that "it will no longer maker repair parts available for purchase by repair facilities that have not been authorized by Nikon Inc. to perform camera repairs," a policy that goes into effect around the middle of July. Nikon says the policy is necessary due to the complexity of today's cameras, but some have questioned the rationale.

iFixIt, a big proponent of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) repair, called the news "unnerving" and believes the policy change will only serve to make it more difficult for photographers to get Nikon equipment serviced, especially if they've been relying on a trustworthy local mom-and-pop shop.

"If you depend on your camera for work... having to mail your camera in to be fixed will cost you more than just the price of the repair: lost business, shipping costs, and time lost waiting for the Postal Service to shuttle the camera back and forth," iFixIt points out. "Plus, a major manufacturer limiting repairs to only their own approved repair shops doesn’t bode well for the future of camera repair in general. The more barriers to repair, the more likely people are to trash their broken stuff instead of trying to fix it."

iFixIt is so strongly opposed to Nikon's policy change that it's urging people "fight back" by signing an online petition, writing a letter to Nikon, tweeting @Nikon_USA, and/or calling them to let them know how you feel.