Is Lenovo Prepping A 5-Inch Android Tablet?

Today's tablet market is filled with plenty of options from various manufacturers. Screen size is a key differentiating point between models and most of today's tablets offer a screen that ranges in size from 7 inches to about 10-inches. Although tablet users generally prefer these larger screens to the somewhat smaller screens found on smartphones, it appears that Lenovo believes there's a market for something in between.

According to a report from Engadget, Lenovo is working on a new Android-based tablet that will feature a 5-inch screen. With a smaller screen, the tablet is sure to be more portable than some of today's current models. Word on the web says this tablet will feature a dual-core processor, HDMI output, front-facing camera, and possibly three capacitive buttons. There aren't a lot of additional details available at this point.

Given the history of other small-screen tablets such as Dell's now discontinued Streak 5 tablet (which also had a 5-inch screen), we have to wonder if people want the portability of a smaller tablet, or if screen size trumps portability. We'd love to hear your thoughts below.