Is "Hashtag" the Worst Baby Name Ever?

We get it, choosing a baby name is tough. There are books to help with the task, and this thing called the Internet. The list of names is literally endless, since you can choose to name your baby however you wish -- unfortunately not everyone uses sound judgement when doing so. Sure, it's bad form to diss on a baby's name, so we'll direct our facepalm at the parents who decided it was a good idea to tag their offspring "Hashtag."

Hashtag Jameson, to be precise, who was born at 10:00 PM on a Saturday weighing all of 8 pounds. The sole identifying picture floating around the Web shows a cute looking baby whose parents are apparently really into Twitter. Believe it or not, this isn't the first time anyone has ever named their baby after a social networking buzzword.


There's a little girl out there named "Facebook." She's the first born daughter of an Egyptian couple in their twenties, serving as a tribute to the impact social media has in organizing protests in Tahrir Square and other locates, according to Al-Ahram, a popular newspaper in Egypt.

Decide for yourself if Hashtag or Facebook is the worst baby name of all time, though outside of the social networking world, there are some strong contenders. Certainly Harry Pitts has to be in the running, no?