Is Facebook Getting Its Mojo Back? Teens Returning To Poke, Stalk And Friend

Last fall, a couple of reports trickled out that didn't bode too well for Facebook's future. They claimed that teens were effectively leaving the social network en masse - it was simply no longer cool, a reality heightened by the fact that so many parents also use the service. Well, as it now appears, some conclusions might have been met too early.

To see where things stand today, Forrester Research surveyed 4,500 teens to learn about their social network use. An impressive 8 out of 10 responded that they visit Facebook at least once per month, whereas a third said that they visit the site "all the time". What might be more important than either of those results though is the fact that half of those surveyed admitted to using Facebook more today than they did a year ago.

The overall results put Facebook as the most popular social network among teens, which is a far cry from those earlier reports. In fact, Facebook receives at least twice the support from teens as Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Interestingly, it was the Facebook-owned Instagram that came closest in usage to Facebook itself, and it must be noted that Facebook is in the process of acquiring WhatsApp - it's truly on the path of becoming the ultimate social network conglomerate.