Is Apple Looking To AMD Over NVIDIA For Next Generation iMacs?

Apple's been known to be fickle when it comes to relationships with its hardware partners, and the latest evidence of that might be found in a job posting. The Cupertino company is in search of a Hardware Systems Electrical Engineer, one that has experience in either AMD or NVIDIA GPUs, it doesn't matter which. Or does it?

NVIDIA currently supplies the GPUs for Apple's newest generation all-in-one (AIO) iMac systems, and we haven't heard any chatter that suggests either side is unhappy with that relationship. It isn't necessarily odd that Apple is seeking an electrical engineer who might only have experience with AMD GPUs and not with NVIDIA, but it does open the door to speculation, if even just ever so slightly.

Apple iMac

The ideal candidate will be tasked with "electrical & system design integration of the iMac computer system" and "will be responsible for the design, implementation, integration, and qualification of complex computer systems." Knowledge of Intel chipsets is a must, as well as parallel memory interfaces (DDR3/GDDR5), but when it comes to GPUs, Apple seems rather indifferent.

It's probably much ado about nothing, but worth keeping an eye one.