Irony: California Senator Votes Down Uber Ride Service And Gets Busted For DUI

By now, it's pretty obvious that companies like Uber and Lyft offer a compelling service, one that taxi companies all over seem to be kicking themselves for not having thought of first. But despite the fact that these services offer a nice benefit to customers, they're fighting an uphill battle legally. Many, like Californian Senator Ben Hueso, prefer to vote in favor of the taxi lobby, causing the futures for companies like Uber to be clouded in complication.

It's ironic, then, that the aforementioned Senator, mere hours after voting in support of a taxi lobby bill, was arrested for drunk driving. This is one of those situations when I feel compelled to fill in the blanks. After stumbling out of his preferred place of drink, Hueso probably looked around for a taxi - but couldn't find one. Clearly, Uber or Lyft would have helped in this situation, since it takes very little effort to tap away a couple of times on your smartphone - you don't even have to talk to anyone in your drunken stupor. Instead, Hueso decided to drive drunk.

The timing is what makes this event so perfect. It's not as though Hueso was merely swaying along the road: He was driving in the wrong direction. He wasn't just intoxicated, he was really intoxicated. And this is a man that contributes to putting new laws into effect. This reality doesn't come as a real surprise, of course, but it's depressing nonetheless.

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