iRiver P8 Media Player Looks Mighty Fine

You might think we're living in an iPod world, but while that unit may rule the roost in terms of sales, there are still plenty of alternatives popping up for those who aren't onboard the Apple bandwagon. iRiver is a major player overseas, and the company's slick and sleek design language translate well on this site of the ocean. The company's P Series hasn't been updated in some while, but now that's changing with the introduction of the P8.

It's a beautiful media player with a vast array of files that are supported, a battery that will last 9 hours, and 8GB/16GB of internal storage. There's also a microSD slot if that's just not enough. The unit also includes an 800x480 resolution display and an HDMI port for HD output; there's no word yet on whether it'll make the trip to US shores, but based on beauty alone, we sure hope it does.

Tags:  PMP, media player, iRiver