iPhoto's Faces Features Works on Kitty, Indeed!

One of the changes to iPhone '09 was Faces, facial recognition to assist in tagging photos. While Apple said this would only work on the faces of people, it appears that some have managed to prove that it does indeed work on felines, at least.

Yes, the folks at Mac|Life have spent way more time than we would have, using pictures of their own cats to prove that given enough sample images, the iPhoto facial recognition feature can indeed be trained to spot specific cats.

That's how the feature works on people, after all. You have to train it to recognize someone. However, it seems like the feature is easier to train on people (which makes sense); in comments the writer indicated it took 10 photos to train the software to recognize the cats.

No word yet on dogs, but come on; dogs are better than cats so it's gotta work (coming from dog owners like us, that is).