iPhone X Suffering From Cold Weather Screen Freezing, Apple Software Fix Inbound

Old Man Winter is getting ready to settle in for the season, and for some iPhone X owners, that is bad news. Low temperatures can abnormally affect the function of iOS devices, and the iPhone X in particular, it seems. The issue came to light when a Reddit user started a thread complaining about his shiny new phone becoming "very unresponsive" whenever he steps outside to mingle with Jack Frost.

"I've noticed that my iPhone X screen becomes very unresponsive as soon as I step outside. It literally takes 2 seconds from going inside to the cold outdoors and my screen stops being very responsive. I try swiping on websites and it doesn't register my finger. It's very noticeable. Is anyone else having this problem?," Reddit user darus214 wrote.

iPhone X

The answer to his questions is 'Yes,' as others chimed in confirming it is not a one-off issue with his particular handset, but more widespread than that. One of the responses surmised the issue lies in software, adding that locking and unlocking the screen seems to do the trick when it happens.

There is a support page on Apple's website that warns about using iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices in cold weather conditions. Apple recommends using its mobile products where ambient temperatures are between 0C and 35C (32F to 95F). Low or high temperatures may alter the behavior of iOS device, and using them in "very cold conditions" can temporarily shorten the battery life or cause the device to turn off.

iPhone X Winter

The support document does not mention screen freezing specifically, and based on Apple's response to the issue, it appears the iPhone X is suffering a different (albeit similar) kind of ailment.

"We are aware of instances where the iPhone X screen will become temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid change to a cold environment. After several seconds the screen will become fully responsive again. This will be address in an upcoming software update," Apple said in a statement.

So there you have it—you might not be able to dodge winter, but you will (eventually) be able to use your iPhone without this annoying phenomenon.