iPhone Users Complain That iOS 10.1.1 Is Quickly Draining Their Batteries

Apple introduced a bunch of new features with iOS 10 when it released a couple of months ago, but more recent incremental updates have given iPhone users more than they bargained form. There are complaints that installing the iOS 10.1.1 update is somehow making batteries drain faster than they normally would, as well as giving inaccurate readings of battery life.

That's an annoying combination to deal with. Some users report having ample battery life before going to bed—well over half and sometimes even close to full—yet waking up to a dead phone. That shouldn't happen if there are not any apps open and running. Some also report that plugging in their completely drained iPhone will show a significant charge after only a few seconds.

iPhone Charging

The issue manifests itself in a number of ways. For example, a user might plug in and charge an iPhone to 100 percent, then unplug it and immediately have it drop to just 50 percent or less after unlocking the handset. In such cases, it's pretty much impossible to gauge how much battery life actually remains, versus how much iOS is reporting.

In other instances, users complain that their handsets are running hot even though no programs are visibly running. That would suggest a rogue application wreaking havoc by not shutting down properly and letting go of system resources, except that the problem remains after performing a full factory reset. With that being the case, it points squarely to iOS, and specifically the most recent update.

An interesting side note is that Apple recently issued a battery replacement program, but only for iPhone 6s owners who are experiencing premature shutdowns. According to Apple, only a "very small number" of devices are affected by the battery bug.