Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Repair Prices Underscore How Bad Apple Is Gouging iPhone Customers

Apple has continued business as usual seemingly oblivious to the writing on the wall that shows consumers are tired of its high prices. Apple has seen its upgrade cycle grow significantly with the finger pointed directly at the ever-growing cost of new iPhones. At the same time Apple has seen in China that when its devices are cheaper, their sales are significantly stronger. With Apple it's not just the upfront costs that gouge consumers, it's also the cost to fix iPhones down the road that kicks owners when they most need help.

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Samsung has gone official with the prices for repairing its flagship Galaxy S10 family of smartphones that sell for prices similar to what Apple charges. The pricing discrepancy between Apple and Samsung's repair charges has put a big spotlight on just how insane Apple's pricing really is. The prices to repair the screen on the Galaxy S10 devices and iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR devices are quite different. Samsung will charge those who crack a screen $199 to replace the OLED on the S10e, $249 on the S10, and $269 on the S10 Plus. Apple charges $279 to replace the iPhone XS OLED, $329 for the XS Max OLED, and $199 for the LCD in the iPhone XR. Apple is unlikely to be paying more than Samsung for its displays; we are looking at Apple's famous profit margins in action.

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Samsung Galaxy S10e drop test results performed by SquareTrade

If you break the back glass on your iPhone, the gouging gets even worse. Samsung will fix the back of your S10 family device for $99. Apple will reach into your wallet and grab $399 for a back glass replacement on the iPhone XR, $549 for the iPhone XS, and $599 on the iPhone XS Max. If you are wondering, you could plunk down another $150 on top of the cost to replace the back glass of the iPhone XR and walk out with a new device.