iPhone App Store Reaches 10K Apps

The App Store is doing well, there's no doubt of that. And according to reports, the list of official, approved apps in the App Store has surpassed 10,000. This, of course, doesn't include apps for jailbroken phones.

However, it's been pointed out that you take into account apps that have been booted for various reasons, there are somewhat between 9,500 and 10,000 apps in the store.

Either way, the App Store is thriving.

According to 148Apps, which takes its name from the fact that 148 is the maximum number of applications you can install at once on an iPhone OS device (including default applications), of the 10,086 they have recorded, 2,416 are free, 3,511 are $0.99 and 1,433 are $1.99.

Average cost (including free apps) is $3.12, with one app selling for $899.99.

According to AppShopper, 35.6% are Games (by far the largest single category) or Entertainment-related.

Strangely, despite the fact that the App Store looks with disdain on iPhone applications that duplicate pre-existing OS functionality, there are 50 Weather-related apps in the store (the iPhone has a built-in weather app).

Readers, what's your favorite iPhone app? Is it's Google's new version of its Mobile App, with voice-recognition technology? Or something else? Free or paid for?
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