iPhone 4 and 4S Users Report Excessive Battery Drain with iOS 6

Apple iPhone 4 and 4S owners haven't much time to celebrate the release of iOS 6, which introduces a bazillion new features, along with a nifty panoramic picture mode. Unfortunately, for some users, all the goodness of iOS 6 has come at the expense of battery life. Yep, here we go again.

It seems like shortened battery life is always an issue with an Apple product at any given time, and in this particular case, iPhone 4 and 4S owners have taken their complaints to the Cupertino company's support forum.

"Some is massively eating battery life in 6.0. I have a 4S, and I had great battery life. 8AM-5PM workday and I would have 50 percent life left," Apple forum user Chris Howard explains. "I just upgraded to 6.0 last night and charged overnight...it is 2:20PM and I have 9 percent battery left without even touching my phone more than a few times today. I literally just watched the phone go from 15 percent to 9 percent in the last 10 minutes."

Howard isn't the only one complaining in the 16-page thread.

"Yup. I'm facing the same issue as well. Battery draining faster after upgrading to iOS 6. I have tried everything from turning off 'Notifications'/'Location Services' to reducing even the brightness on my phone to no resolve. I have also rebooted my phone and it doesn't help either," another user complained.

To be fair, not all iPhone 4 and 4S owners are having issues with the iOS 6 installed, but the ones that are report varying levels of battery drain. What about you? If you're an iOS 6 user, let us know how the battery life has been on your device since installing the update.