iPhone 4 And 4S Get NFC-Enabled Case For Mobile Payments With U.S. Bank

So, here's the reality of the matter: Apple shunned NFC when it introduced the iPhone 5 last year without the hardware necessary for it to engage in tap-and-go payments. But there's always a workaround where there's a will, right? Right! U.S. Bank has just launched its new "Go Mobile" iPhone app for customers in Salt Lake City and Portland, inviting them to be amongst the first to try out payments with an iPhone 4 or 4S. Here's the deal: newly approved U.S. Bank FlexPerks customers who qualify and opt-in for the service will receive a customized U.S. Bank Go Mobile iPhone case along with their new card. As you may have guessed, that case has an NFC chip in it, adding to the iPhone what Apple wouldn't.

This will allow them to pay via tap at thousands of participating retailers that accept Visa payWave. The case also has an extra battery extending the phone's charge time by more than 50 percent. U.S. Bank Go Mobile lets customers securely pay for purchases with their iPhone and allows them to use their FlexPerks card, even when they don't have the card with them.U.S. Bank is partnering with Visa, DeviceFidelity and Datacard Group to bring this payment technology to its customers, but sadly, no iPhone 5 case is available. Perhaps by the time the iPhone 5S ships, things will be a little different, but this certainly adds a nice touch to those sticking with one of Apple's older iPhones. Hopefully, other banks will take notice...
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