iPad Thieves Strip Man's Finger While Stealing New Apple Tablet

Gross. Just gross. And depressing. Those feelings aren't typically associated with new tablet PCs, and definitely not with new Apple products. But each time a new, hot product hits the market, some level of crime usually surrounds it. A few years back, someone actually implemented a drive-by shooting in order to secure a PlayStation 3. People were robbed blind on eBay after the Wii launch. And now, a Denver-area man is missing most of his pinky finger thanks to two knuckleheads who'd rather steal an iPad than earn their keep and buy one.

According to various reports out of Colorado, a 59-year old male went to a nearby Apple store in order to procure an iPad for a co-worker. Someone he knew in Canada had just been promoted, and he was sent out to purchase an iPad as a congragulatory gift. The man, Bill Jordan, didn't even really know much about the iPad itself. He was quoted as saying that he "didn't even know what it was," simply thinking it was just the next hot "toy." He definitely didn't realize that people would go to great lengths in order to get one.

After purchasing the device, he wrapped the cords that stick out of Apple's typical sales bags around his hand as he was leaving. He didn't think twice about it. But on his way out, two criminals came up behind him, with one yanking hard on the bag in an attempt to steal the iPad and make a break for it. Unfortunately, the hard yank also resulted in the skin around his pinky being ripped off, leaving his hand gushing blood and the man himself in an incredible amount of pain.

He was taken away and treated for his injuries, but he's still in rough shape as you can see in the image above. In an interview, the victim had this to say: "I never hear it coming, I never see it coming. I just remember this kid pulling and pulling and pulling and it got caught?took the flesh right off, the tendons and everything. There was nothing but bone. It didn't dawn on me (that) this is a new product that's in demand and somebody would go to this length to get something like this. To destroy someone's hand. Who knows how far they would have gone if it didn't come off my hand?"

Directing one quote to the thives who injured him: "I hope you understand what you've done to my life and my family's life for a simple piece of apparatus that'll be junk in a couple of years."

Law enforcement officials are now looking at surveilliance footage in hopes of locating the crooks and service justice, but there's little doubt that Mr. Jordan's hand will never fully be the same.