iPad News Magazine to Be Announced by Sir Richard Branson on Tuesday

While attention focuses on Rupert Murdoch's "The Daily," Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Galactic, among other things, is planning his own iPad-only digital news journal. Based on press conference invitations, Branson will beat Murdoch to the punch with a Tuesday unveiling of a digital magazine created for iPads.

Branson said in invitations to the press that the magazine, "Project" will focus on entertainment, travel, business, design, and international culture. Other details will be available at the Nov. 30 New York City event.

Meanwhile, it is rumored that Apple and Rupert Murdoch will formally introduce "The Daily" on Dec. 9. It is expected that among the changes necessary for the project to take form is an iOS update that will add app subscriptions.

It's unclear if Branson's event will launch the "Project" app, or simply announce it. It's possible we may even see Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Branson, and Murdoch all on-stage at the rumored Dec. 9th event, as well.