iPad Interest Drops After Announcement: Survey

Retrevo, a website that calls itself the "ultimate electronics marketplace," has done surveys on iPad interest both before and after the nascent device's announcement. It seems less people were interested in buying one after the announcement than before, to the tune of double, in fact.

Prior to the announcement, the number if respondents saying they had heard about the tablet but were not interested in buying one was 26 percent. Afterwards, it doubled to 52 percent. Definitely, people were paying attention, as well: the number of respondents saying they had heard about the iPad rose from 48 percent shortly before the announcement to 82 percent afterwards.

Also, most consumers stated they didn't have a need for the iPad. Once again, it increased greatly after the announcement: it went from 49 percent who didn't need the iPad to 61 percent afterwards.

Additionally, most were turned off by the price of 3G support. It will not only add $130 to the price of the device, it will add a monthly charge (though no service contract, at least).

This is hardly a scientific survey. After all, Retrevo surveyed only its own users. However, if indeed Retrevo is the "ultimate electronics marketplace," you'd think their users would know something, wouldn't you?
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