iOS Update to Fix Jailbreak Exploit Gets Jailbroken

It seems that no matter what steps Apple takes to prevent people from jailbreaking their devices, within no time at all enthusiasts have bypassed those steps.

A few days ago Apple released the iOS 4.3.4 update to stop hacking and jailbreaking, specifically an exploit in the way PDF files handle fonts. This exploit could potentially allow a malicious PDF file to sneak malware onto users' devices, or more likely, could allow users to easily jailbreak their devices with websites like JailBreakMe.

Within a mere 12 hours of the update's release, users eager to escape Apple's restrictions had already gotten around the patch.

Alas, the jailbreaking method does not yet work for the iPad 2 (for which the previous exploit did), and those devices that can be jailbroken are "tethered" - meaning, basically, that whenever their device loses power or is reset, the user needs to go through another (shorter) process to re-jailbreak it. A faster/more complete method will inevitably come, but for now, iOS users eager to unlock their devices will have to make do.
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