iOS 7 Will Patch Exploit Enabling Spoofed Chargers To Hack Into iPhone Dialer

iOS 7 is looking to bring a host of design changes to Apple's iPhone operating system, but it will evidently be bringing one other important change: a patch. Currently, a security flaw exists whereby hackers can engage with an iPad or iPhone by connecting a spoofed "fake charging station." The exploit was discussed at the Black Hat hacking conference in Las Vegas this week, and Apple has said that the issue has already been patched up in the latest beta of iOS 7. Of course, the final version that's released to the public will include the patch, too.

Apple has thanked the researchers for bringing the issue to their attention in a bid to solve an issue before ill-willed individuals grabbed hold of it. At the conference, the researchers were able to plug an iPhone into a hacked charger, which included a small computer within. With only $45 in parts, they were able to create a charger that infected the phone with a virus that could auto-dial out. It could then be used as a spying too, worst-case scenario.

If you've ever connected an Android device to a computer to charge, you'll notice a pop-up message alerting you. Now, iPhones will do similarly, so if you ever do plug an iOS 7 device into a spoofed charger, it'll alert you that it is indeed plugged into a computer. Nifty.
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