Iomega's 4-Bay StorCenter Pro ix4-200r NAS

Sure, Iomega has plenty of options for consumers needing a bit more storage, but this one's for the big boys. Or, the medium boys, anyway. The company's newest NAS sports a rather unorthodox shape, coming in rack-mount form versus the typical desktop cube that we're grown accustomed to seeing. The StorCenter Pro ix4-200r Rackmount Server is powered by the EMC LifeLine operating system and it among the first in its class to be offered for under $1,800.

As it comes, users can stock up to 4TB of data on it -- though, with four bays and 2TB HDDs widely available, we suspect 8TB is possible when providing your own drives. You'll also find advanced features as iSCSI block-level access, multiple RAID configurations, folder quotas support, jumbo frames, Windows Active Directory support, remote access and management, IP security camera support and a first for its rackmount storage capacity and price category: VMware-ready certification for vitualization installations. The device is slated to start shipping later in the week for $1,799.99 (2TB) or $2,799.99 (4TB). The full specifications list is posted below.

The new ix4-200r NAS offers an array of business-focused features that make it an advanced, innovative and easy-to-use network storage rackmount unit. The features include:

    * State of the Art Hardware: The ix4-200r contains 4 disk drive bays, a 3.2 GHz Intel Celeron processor, 1GB system memory and one Gigabit Ethernet connection in a 1U (1.75 inch) high chassis that is mountable in NEMA-standard 19-inch racks. The ix4-200r ships with disk drives fully populated, for a total capacity of 2TB or 4TB.
    * iSCSI Support: Provides block-level access for the most efficient storage utilization, especially for database, email and backup application performance. This feature also allows host-based operating systems and virtualization software to use the full capabilities of their native file systems, such as enabling VMFS for VMware utilization.
    * VMware® Ready Certification: The ix4-200r is certified as both NAS (NFS) and iSCSI storage VMware ESX server 3. The ix4-200r is the only product in its class to carry VMware Ready Certification, and enables SMBs to affordably take advantage of the tremendous benefits and advanced features offered by shared storage in a VMware environment.
    * Remote Access: Set up remote access and remotely manage and access data from your ix4-200r.
    * RAID Support: The ix4-200r is pre-configured for RAID 5 but also offers the alternatives of RAID 10 (both with automatic rebuild), as well as single volume storage (JBOD).
    * Multiple Network Protocols: The ix4-200r works in Windows, Linux and MAC environments with network protocol support including CIFS/SMB/Rally, NFS, and AFP/Bonjour. The ix4-200r also supports advanced protocols such as HTTP, FTP and SNMP.
    * Windows® Active Directory Support (ADS): The ix4-200r functions as a client member in an Active Directory domain.
    * UPS Support: Uninterruptible power supply enables unattended system shutdown without data loss in the case of power failure.
    * Expandability and versatility: Add storage capability by connecting external USB hard drives via three USB 2.0 ports. On expansion storage, the ix4 supports read and write on various formats, including Fat32, NTFS or ext2/ext3 formatted hard disks (read only on external HFS+ formatted drives).
    * Video Surveillance: Supports up to four Axis® Network video cameras, for real-time monitoring and video capture directly to the ix4-200r, dependent upon system workload and network conditions.
    * Print Server: Supports intelligent print sharing capability for up to three USB printers directly connected to the ix4-200r.
    * Advanced Media Support: Includes UPnP™ support through an integrated DLNA™ certified media server. The ix4-200r includes an iTunes server and also supports Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) via one of three USB 2.0 ports, as well as Bluetooth® uploads from a cell phone, pocket PC or Blackberry® phone.

  • One (1) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port
  • Three USB 2.0 Connections (One front, two rear)
  • Client Computers: Windows PC, Mac OS, Linux
  • LAN standards: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u
  • AC Voltage 100-240 VAC
  • One Ethernet RJ-45 Cable
  • Six Power Cords (USA, European Union, United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, Australia)
  • Quick Install Guide
  • One Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS Solutions CD
  • EMC® Retrospect® Express Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Service & Support: Three year standard service. Extended Gold Plus service is available.