Iomega Adds Remote Access, BitTorrent To ix2 NAS

It's been some time since we've heard from Iomega, but it's good to see the company is still looking out for its customers. Today, said outfit has announced a smattering of new features for its popular StorCenter ix2 NAS, making the purchase you've already made that much more valuable. And if you didn't take the hint, all of the new functionality is being provided gratis.

In short, here's what has been added:
  • Remote Access: ix2 users can now connect to their pictures, videos and other files from anywhere in the world - as though they were sitting at their workstation or home computer. The process is simple: enter a personalized web address into any browser and the user will be easily and securely downloading and uploading their files. Users can change the settings on the ix2, such as adding users and folders from any web-enabled device. The first year of remote access is free; the cost is $9.95 for every year thereafter. Custom domain names, such as, are also available for an additional charge.
  • Torrent Download: Considered by many as the new standard in peer-to-peer file sharing, this technology facilitates download management directly to the StorCenter ix2, making it easier and faster to download large media files. With direct file transfer to the ix2, users can say "Goodbye!" to frustrating unfinished downloads and having to leave your PC on all the time.
  • Folder Quotas: With all the digital content available today, storage space can disappear a lot faster than you think. Quotas allow users to set a maximum capacity for shared storage folders on the StorCenter ix2 to prevent any of the folders from consuming too much space. If a folder exceeds 90% of its capacity, the ix2 sends a message so the folder size can be adjusted, if desired.
  • Jumbo Frame Support: This new feature increases data flow for larger files when network traffic increases, allowing more efficient computing.
  • Apple® File Protocol (AFP): To simplify file-sharing for Mac users, the ix2 now includes native support of the Apple File Protocol (AFP) file system to facilitate copying files and networking from a Macintosh computer.

Obviously, all of these additions will be bundled in with new ix2 units, but those in search of the upgrades can surf over to Iomega's website and download them for free. If all of this has you thinking about picking an ix2 up, it's available now for $299.95 (1TB) / $479.95 (2TB).