IOGEAR's Universal Wi-Fi Adapter Works With Any Ethernet-Enabled Product

Does the world really have machines that are still actively being used...without Wi-Fi? It may seem hard to believe if you're living in a society that's eternally connected, but the niche still exists in some places. To solve that problem, and provide connectivity to machines that were born without, IOGEAR has unveiled their universal Wi-Fi N Adapter. That new device connects A/V devices to a home network via a wireless router -- things like game consoles, Blu-ray players, etc. You simply take a device with an Ethernet port, plug it up to this dongle, and enjoy the spoils of Wi-Fi. Think of it as a wireless addition to any device that only supports wired Ethernet connections from the factory.

IOGEAR outfitted the GWU627 with dual antennas (1T1R) that provide data transfer rates of up to 150Mbps, which should prove useful in intense deathmatches and video streaming. It's available now for $49.95, which seems a bit cheaper than some of the more proprietary solutions for older game consoles, at least.

IOGEAR Universal Wi-Fi N Adapter Wirelessly Connects Ethernet Enabled Devices to the Internet

An Ethernet port is all that’s needed to connect Blu-ray™ players, gaming consoles, LCD / LED TVs and other devices to a home’s wireless router.

Foothill Ranch, Calif. – April 27, 2011 – IOGEAR, a leader in convergence and connectivity products, announces a new Universal Wi-Fi N Adapter (GWU627) for connecting A/V devices to a home network via a wireless router. With online gaming and media consumption rapidly increasing, the need for robust and reliable network access is growing. While many manufacturers are integrating network connections within products, progress is not keeping up with demand.

The IOGEAR Universal Wi-Fi N Adapter provides an affordable and stable solution for equipping Ethernet-enabled devices with wireless network access. The word “universal” is often thrown around, but the Universal Wi-Fi N Adapter works with ANY device featuring an Ethernet port, no brand or device-specific Wi-Fi USB adapter needed. Simply connect via Ethernet and access is gained through the home’s network router.

IOGEAR’s Universal Wi-Fi N Adapter supports the IEEE™ 802.11n standard, meaning there is no need for cables or re-wiring of the home. Home entertainment systems can be placed where the user wants, without wires, and still maintain a strong Wi-Fi connection. With multiple adapters, users can bring a wireless connection to a multitude of devices and never worry about latency issues or bothersome buffering.

Helping the adapter handle user demands, IOGEAR outfitted the GWU627 with dual antennas (1T1R) that provide data transfer rates of up to 150Mbps while reducing Wi-Fi dead zones in the wireless environment. This new standard provides more than adequate bandwidth for faster file transfer, music downloads, video streaming, on-line gaming and HD multi-media applications.

“An abundance of quality digital content is creating demand for devices that can conveniently access and stream all our music, videos, games and more,” said Bill Nguyen, senior marketing manager at IOGEAR. “IOGEAR’s goal is to make connectivity dynamic and the Universal Wi-Fi N Adapter does this by providing wireless Internet access to fully utilize a game console, Blu-ray, DVR, or HD TV’s built-in widgets, while offering convenience of placement and eliminating cable clutter.”

In addition to the increased speed and bandwidth, users will benefit from the Universal Wi-Fi N Adapter’s compatibility with existing 802.11b/g routers and access points. There’s no need to replace legacy network hardware. The unit also features a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup™) button offering a quick and secure network setup. On a new wireless network, WPS will automatically configure it with a network name (SSID) and strong WPA data encryption and authentication.

The Universal Wi-Fi N Adapter, model GWU627 is now shipping with an MSRP of $49.95. The GWU627 is also the first IOGEAR product to be available at Gamestop stores nationwide.