IOGEAR Reveals 4-Port Wireless USB Sharing Hub

Here's an interesting concept: a USB hubsand WLAN router, together.

That's what IOGEAR has just introduced a new 4-port USB Sharing Station (GUWIP204), detailed as a computer accessory that allows wireless sharing of up to four USB peripherals in a home or office. By simply connecting devices to the sharing station and configuring it to a Wi-Fi network, devices can be shared by multiple users without the 16-foot USB distance limitation.

Basically, this allows users to share four ports over a wireless connection. USB devices such as external hard drives, flash drives, webcams, memory card readers, speakers and multi-function printers can be shared by multiple computer users with home or office Wi-Fi network access, and the sharing station increases USB peripheral efficiency while reducing wear and tear on a computer’s USB ports.

Multi-function printing support means families, roommates or co-workers can scan, fax or print from laptops and computers within the office or home Wi-Fi network. Additionally, multimedia content from USB drives or storage devices can be easily accessed and backed up without distance limitations. It's available now for $99.95, and it's safe to bet that home office owners will be jumping on it quite hastily.
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