IOGEAR fixes the Ewwwwww On Your Mouse

My goodness, your desktop is dirty. According to a recent study done at the University of Arizona, the average desktop has more bacteria on it than the average toilet seat. And fewer interesting things to read, I might add. I don't even want to think about the mouse at the public library's computer. To help with this problem, IOGEAR recently announced their new antibacterial mouse. It uses nanotechnology to banish the little buggers from their new wireless peripheral:

Designed to address this health issue, the outer shell of IOGEAR's new Germ Free Wireless Laser Mouse is covered in nanocoating, consisting of titanium oxide and silver nanoparticles that can prevent or deactivate bacteria with 99% efficiency. The titanium oxide attracts water and oxygen molecules. When these molecules are combined with the electrons of the titanium oxide and light, free oxygen ion bases are given off. The ions restrain, clean and eliminate parasites while creating water, carbon and oxygen molecules, starting the cleansing process over again.

I have only one question: Why don't they do this to the toilet seat too?