Internet Soon To Be Most Essential Medium

What is the one item that you cannot live without? It probably comes as a shock to most of us, since our main world is probably the computer screen, but the most popular item is not the computer (with Internet of course), for now. A recent study done by Edison Media Research Inc. has shown that more and more Americans are relying on the Internet for information and entertainment. While the percentage is growing, it has not yet surpassed the old and trusted television set.
"When consumers were asked to choose the ‘most essential’ medium in their lives, 33 percent selected the Internet, just behind TV at 36 percent. Those figures were significantly higher than radio at 17 percent and newspapers at 10 percent, according to the Internet and Multimedia 2007 report by the Somerville, N.J.-based market research firm."

"'It is not a stretch to say that the Internet has become just as important as television as an important source of information and entertainment in the lives of Americans,’ said Larry Rosin, president of Edison Media in a statement."
The Internet has certainly come a long way though. Back in 2002, only 20% of Americans preferred the Internet, which was behind even radio at 26%. TV at the time took the cake indisputably at 39% popularity. However, if current trends continue, we may see the popularity of Internet surpass TV within a year or two. Either way, these recent findings are just a testament to the fact that the world truly is becoming a “global village,” with people from around the world being brought closer together via the Internet and other technologies that allow us to communicate at the speed of light.
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