Internet Gets Nomination For Nobel Peace Prize: Does It Have A Chance?

At first, we suspected this was all a joke. And in the end, it may wind up being exactly that. But right now, there's a real possibility that the Internet could be nominated to wind the next Nobel Peace Prize. You may be chuckling right now, but don't be surprised if this idea doesn't gain a huge amount of traction. There's seems to be quite a bit of political discord going on right now, and individuals may end liking the idea of supporting an entity rather than a human, and have you ever met someone who actually despised the Internet? Is that even possible?

A new website has been established to rally Mr. Internet as the lead contender for the next Prize, with "Internet For Peace" urging visitors to look at all of the benefits that that Internet has and get behind the idea of supporting it. Here's the full spill of why the World Wide Web deserves the next Nobel Peace award:

 We have finally realized that the Internet is much more than a network of computers.
It is an endless web of people. Men and women from every corner of the globe are
connecting to one another, thanks to the biggest social interface ever known to humanity.
Digital culture has laid the foundations for a new kind of society.
And this society is advancing dialogue, debate and consensus through communication.
Because democracy has always flourished where there is openness, acceptance,
discussion and participation. And contact with others has always been the most
effective antidote against hatred and conflict.
That's why the Internet is a tool for peace.
That's why anyone who uses it can sow the seeds of non-violence.
And that's why the next Nobel Peace Prize should go to the Net.
A Nobel for each and every one of us.

Of course, people are looking at this from very different angles. For instance, many really do feel that the Internet has brought the world closer together, enabled fund raising to happen in nations that wouldn't otherwise get attention and provide an avenue for discussion between people who would otherwise never come into contact. On the other hand, some say that the Internet has enabled arguments and divisions to intensify, and that it was caused just as much harm as good.

We're somewhere in between. We think the Internet deserves all of the attention and credit that it gets, but we're not sure it really deserves a Peace Prize. Besides, who accepts the award if it wins? And why hasn't it been nominated before? It's not like the Internet has just suddenly become worthy. What do you think? Are you voting yes or no?