Intel's Overclocking Warranty Now Available on iBuyPower Systems, Free on Select Systems

Back when you had to play with dip switches and before overclocking became vogue, the risk of damaging your processor was greater than it is today. There are so many safeguards built into the motherboard, BIOS, and processor itself that it's fairly difficult to nuke a CPU these days, though not impossible. Intel's 'Performance Tuning Protection Plan' offers overclockers some piece of mind in the form of a one-time replacement for fried chips, and now you can now select it as an optional upgrade on all new iBuyPower gaming systems.

"Our customers often push their systems to the limits in an effort to attain the best gaming experience possible," said Darren Su, Executive Vice President of iBuyPower. "Now they can feel secure knowing if their CPU is damaged during overclocking iBuyPower and Intel will work to quickly get them back up and running."

It's a $29 to $39 upgrade on Intel Z79-based systems and provided at no additional charge for any Z68-based configurations featuring an Intel Core K Series processor, including iBuyPower's Chimera, LAN Warrior II, and Erebus gaming systems.