Intel’s Otellini Notes Company is Looking Within for His Replacement

Intel Chief Paul Otellini recently announced that he plans to retire from chipzilla in May 2013, which leaves the world's largest semiconductor player plenty of time for find a replacement. Who will it be? That's the big question that nobody knows the answer to, though Otellini did indicate that it's likely to be someone who already works for Intel.

"It's not up to me but I think that's the most likely outcome. I'm very comfortable with the internal candidates and the track record of internal versus external in our industry shows pretty clearly you want to stay inside if you can," Otellini said at a Sanford Berstein investor conference, according to Reuters.

Paul Otellini Tablets

One advantage to looking outside the company is Intel could potentially pull someone in that has a better perspective on mobile. It wouldn't be fair to say that tablets and smartphones caught Intel flat-footed, but certainly the Santa Clara chip maker isn't as prepared as it could have been.

"Even if you brought in Mr. or Ms. Perfect, that person is going to take whatever it is, two years to figure out the culture and the people and how systems work and stuff like that," Otellini added.

Otellini has been with Intel for almost four decades, during which time Intel has earned $107 billion in cash.