Intel's New CEO Looks Closely At Company's Efforts In Mobile And TV

Intel has a new CEO, and he also has plans to make some meaningful changes going forward. Brian Krzanich, the newly implemented CEO, had this to say: "We believe we have a great user interface and the compression-decompression technology is fantastic. But in the end, if we want to provide that service it comes down to content. We are not big content players." That's about Intel's TV efforts, of course, but he also has some thoughts on the mobile front.

It's quite obvious that Intel's cash cow, the desktop CPU, is becoming a bit less in demand. Desktop and even notebook demand is drying up as tablets and mobile devices become ever more powerful, and if Intel doesn't get into the same game that's currently being ruled by the likes of Qualcomm and NVIDIA, it may lose out on the next major wave of computing. In a recent interview, the new boss said the following: "I think you'll start to see stuff with our silicon toward the end of the year and the beginning of next year. We're trying to get our silicon into some of them, create some ourselves, understand the usage and create an ecosystem. We see that Atom is now at the same importance, it's launching on the same leading edge technology, sometimes even coming before Core (Intel's line of PC chips). We are in the process of looking at all of our roadmaps and evaluating the timing of some of those products. It's fair to say there are things we would like to accelerate."

Intel has talked big about mobile before, but currently, only a handful of phones have ever shipped with Intel inside. But this time, the words are coming from a new leader with a fresh slate. No doubt, the industry will be watching to see if he makes good.