Intel’s Executive Vice President, Intel China Chairman, and Resident Stroke Conqueror Sean Maloney Announces Retirement

Intel is losing a man with an impressive resume. Sean Maloney is retiring from Intel, leaving both of jobs--Intel Executive Vice President and Chairman of Intel China--open to the next person up. Maloney put in 30 years with the chipmaker and wore a number of different hats at the company over the years, including co-general manager of the Intel Architecture Group, chief sales and marketing officer, technical assistant to the CEO, and applications engineer.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini gives Maloney credit for identifying the huge Asian market back in the ‘90s and more recently, introducing the Ultrabook.

Intel Maloney

However, Maloney’s greatest legacy may be his inspiring comeback from a stroke he suffered in February of 2010. Below is a video demonstrating how Maloney is physically and mentally tougher than the rest of us, but this is all you really need to know: Just weeks after suffering a debilitating stroke, he overheard one of his doctors saying that Maloney, an avid rower from the age of 18, would never row again. In response, Maloney convinced someone to help him steal away from the hospital and down to the dock where he climbed into his scull and rowed around the water--it was in circles, mind you, because his right arm was at that time useless--but he was making a point. Presumably, Maloney will be doing more rowing now that he has a lot of free time.

Hats off and happy rowing, Sean.