Here's Intel's Entire 9th Gen Coffee Lake Refresh Line-Up Leaked By A System Partner

Intel Processor
We are all looking forward to the end of the year when Intel finally starts shipping Cannon Lake in volume, and other 10-nanometer processors emerge (we're looking at you, Sunny Cove). In the meantime, Intel is still squeezing juice from its Coffee Lake silicon, and is planning to launch more Coffee Lake Refresh chips. As it relates to that, Fujitsu has seemingly leaked a full list of Intel's upcoming processors.

This was not done on purpose, and in fact the PDF document that spilled the beans is now offline. Thankfully the Internet has an excellent memory, so even though the document is no longer accessible, screenshots of the pertinent portion of it are out there. Have a look...

Coffee Lake Refresh
Click to Enlarge (Source: FanlessTech via Fujitsu)

The folks at FanlessTech had the foresight to capture the relevant portion of Fujitsu's motherboard and processor compatibility chart. In it we see a bunch of existing CPUs, along with a handful of unreleased Coffee Lake Refresh processors. Specifically, Fujitsu seems to have confirmed the following lower power model numbers...
  • Core i9-9900T
  • Core i7-9700T
  • Core i5-9600T
  • Core i5-9500T
  • Core i5-9400T
  • Core i3-9300T
  • Core i3-9100T
  • Pentium G5600T
  • Pentium G5420T
  • Celeron G4930T
The list does not divulge clockspeeds, but does indicate that every one of those parts carries a 35W TDP. Most of the non-T counterparts are 65W or 95W.

We also see a bunch of "F" models, including some that already exist (Core i9-9900KF) and some that don't (Core i7-9700F). Processors with the F suffix are based on the same Coffee Lake Refresh microarchitecture, but lack integrated graphics. While not confirmed defective, this is a way for Intel to still sell Coffee Lake Refresh silicon with defects in the graphics portion.

Having a leak like this suggests these new CPUs will find their way to market very soon.