Intel's Core i7 990X Extreme Edition Tested, Burned-in

Intel recently launched a speed bump of their flagship Extreme Edition Core i7 processor, known as the Core i7 990X.  It's unlocked and clocked at 3.45GHz stock speed with a Turbo Boost top-end speed of 3.73GHz.  Intel claims its the fastest desktop chip on the planet; like geek tiger blood for your PC. The new Core i7-990X is also based on the 32nm Gulftown core and the performance metrics show it's easily the fastest 6-core chip for the desktop currently but of course it'll cost you as well.

What do you do when you're the fastest thing around?  You just keep on WINNING. It's as if there was tiger blood coursing through your veins. You're so good, you're bi-winning.  Heck, with a six core processor at your disposal, you'd be hexa-winning.  Ol' Charlie needs one of these things to go with his rock-star life style.