Intel’s Coffee Lake 6-Core Desktop Processor Family Details Allegedly Leaked


Barring a surprise launch from Intel (and we are not ruling that out), Coffee Lake will represent the last hurrah for processors built on a 14-nanometer manufacturing process, at least from the Santa Clara outfit. After that we are looking at Cannon Lake, the first desktop processor architecture from Intel to be built on a 10nm process. In the meantime, there has been another leak of Coffee Lake, with this latest one providing details on Intel's upcoming 6-core chips.

Though Coffee Lake will be built on a 14nm process, it will include further optimizations for added performance and power efficiency. Specifically, Coffee Lake is supposed to offer a 30 percent bump in performance from the same power draw, part of which will likely be attributable to the additional cores (assuming the claim holds true). In addition to 6-core Coffee Lake chips, the top mainstream parts will also include 4-core SKUs, both with Hyper Threading support.

The leaked info is solely focused on the 6-core chips. Here's a look:

Intel Coffee Lake Chart
Source: eTeknix
If the above chart is accurate, there will be three 6-core processors in Intel's Coffee Lake lineup, at least initially. The slowest clocked of the bunch will have a 3.1GHz base clockspeed and max turbo clock of 3.9GHz for all cores, and 4.2GHz in single-core mode. It is the only 65W CPU of the bunch.

The middle chip kicks things up a touch to 3.1GHz for the base clock, but only hits 3.4GHz on all six cores in Turbo mode. It also has a lower Turbo clock in single-core mode, which tops out at 3.6GHz. The TDP is also higher at 95W.

Then there is the fastest chip of the bunch, another 95W part that comes out of the gate at 3.7GHz with the ability to ramp up to 4GHz on all six cores. In single-core mode, it can hit a Turbo clock of 4.3GHz.

All three processors will feature 12MB of Smart cache and support dual-channel DDR4 memory up to 2400MHz (faster with overclocking, of course).

This is the latest in a series of leaks involving Coffee Lake, which might as well be called Coffee Leak at this point (see what we did there?). Just a few days ago, a Coffee Lake processor showed up in CPU-Z's database. We have also seen Coffee Lake make an appearance in Geekbench, where it delivered strong multi-core performance.

Based on roadmaps we have seen, Coffee Lake is scheduled to release sometime in early 2018.

Thumbnail Image Source: Wikimedia Commons (Rico Shen)